Spot On | Shilla Lee – Rural societies in Japan

Shilla Lee conducts research about the changing perception of rurality in Japan, more precisely, the social imaginaries of rural space in Tamba-Sasayama. She investigates, how recent discussions about rural space are taken into count in the regional policy and how this is being experienced by various local actors. She wants to show, that rural space should no longer be perceived as a repository of traditional values, but as an innovative and creative place, where the local natives bring meaningful changes.

Language: English<br />Length: 3 Minutes<br />&nbsp;

Rural revitalization movements in Tamba-Sasayama

Language: English
Length: 3 Minutes
Language: Korean<br />Length: 3 Minutes<br />&nbsp;

In Korean on rural revitalization movements in Tamba-Sasayama

Language: Korean
Length: 3 Minutes
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