Spot On | Stefan Millar – The Role of States in Refugee Camps

Stefan Millar investigates governance and the role of state(s) in Kakuma Refugee Camp and the Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement in Turkana County, Kenya. To date, the UNHCR and other agencies tend to overemphasize these camps as places of resilience and entrepreneurship for refugees. However, this obscures the actual conditions in the camps, ignoring the prominent role of the Kenyan state and refugees in shaping the political structure of the camp. State(s), be it Kenyan, South Sudanese or the UNHCR, are framed by refugees to make sense of the political realities of the camp. As a result, the UNHCR's push for resilience or entrepreneurship becomes one feature of camp statecraft.

Language: English<br />Length: 3 Minutes<br />&nbsp;

How states shape the political structure of refugee camps

Language: English
Length: 3 Minutes
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