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Research Interests
Patterns and implications of accumulation and development. Concepts of happiness and success. Foundations and justifications of interaction patterns and their ethical checks. Forms of collective conflict and their change in history. Frontiers as political and cultural phenomena. Aesthetics as cultural systems. Religions as political agents, worldview generators and aesthetical actors. North-East Africa. Transatlantic Afro-American Culture

Research Area(s)
Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda

‘International Max Planck Research School on Retaliation, Mediation and Punishment’ (IMPRS-REMEP).
This Research School follows an interdisciplinary approach in:

  •     Criminology, international law
  •     Public law
  •     Legal history
  •     Social anthropology

The overall research agenda of REMEP is to study the kind of different institutions and mechanisms with which social order and social control are negotiated, established and constructed in (post-) conflict societies.

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