Deborah Jones

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Research Interests
language and political economy; property (especially land rights and authorship); environment; ethics and labor

Research Area(s)
Ukraine; United States

I earned my PhD at the University of Michigan, where I specialized in linguistic anthropology. My book manuscript in preparation, Words to Sow: Language and Violence in Ukraine, builds on my doctoral research in agrarian Ukraine in the year leading up to the Maidan Revolution and as the country descended into armed conflict (2013-2018). As part of the Department of Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia, I have continued to work in Ukraine, most recently studying landmine-affected regions of Kyiv-controlled eastern Ukraine and how unexploded ordnance (and efforts to remove) affects land rights and livelihoods in rural communities.

I also enjoy affiliate status with the recently established Max Planck - Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy, and Social Change. There, I am developing a second (somewhat more relaxing) project, which is on ghostwriters, people who write as someone else for pay.

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