C.V. | Current Project

Research Interests
Art and politics, cultural policy, censorship, artivism, cultural capital, immaterial labor, translocality, counter-monuments

Research Area(s)
Poland, Eastern Europe


Natalia Kalicki joined the department ‘Anthropology of Politics and Governance’ as a PhD candidate in April 2024. Prior to this she received my MA in Anthropology from the University of Leipzig and a BFA in Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal.

Natalia’s doctoral project considers independent art venues as emerging sites of citizen-led political resistance in Warsaw. Building on fieldwork conducted during her MA degree, she looks at how citizen-led art venues become safe spaces queer artists, platforms for women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, and sites for advocacy. How do people create room for exercising agency in a hostile political context, towards new modes and new horizons of resistance and belonging? This study develops a vocabulary around how citizens negotiate the limits of state-mandated control, when they do so by forging alternative structures of their own.

Alongside her doctoral work Natalia maintains an interdisciplinary art practice. She has attended art residency programs in Jersey Island, China, Germany and Iceland and regularly exhibits her work locally and abroad. Her forays in the art world and academic research continuously inform one another. She is a permanent member of the collective studio space Kombinat e.V. located in Halle 14, Spinnerei in Leipzig

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