Research Interests
Ethiopia, Mursi, gender, ethnicity and identity, ritual and age-organization, rhetoric, modernity, life history narratives, legal anthropology, customary conflict resolution, livestock management, pastoralism and environment, community conservation, education

Research Area(s)
Ethiopia (Mursiland, South Omo Zone)

Shauna LaTosky joined the Department of Integration and Conflict as a post-doctoral researcher at the end of 2012. She previously studied Anthropology at the University of Victoria (M.A. 2000) and Johannes Gutenberg Universität (Ph.D. 2010) and held a teaching position at Thompson Rivers University (Kamloops, B.C.) and was Director of the South Omo Research Center (Jinka, SNNPR) from 2011-2013. Ethiopia has been her principal area of fieldwork, intermittently for the last ten years. Her doctoral research, which focused on Mursi women, modernity, gender relations, identity and rhetoric will appear in the Mainzer Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung in 2013 (LaTosky, in press). Her current post-doctoral research investigates comparative customary law and conflict resolution procedures, especially in relation to traditional livestock management, livestock trade, bridewealth exchange, and changing land use practices in southern Ethiopia. She is also interested in social movements against ‘harmful cultural practices’.

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