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Research Interests
Anthropology of time/temporality, historical anthropology, anthropology of the future, im/mobility and migration, tourism studies, anthropology of development, rurality, village ethnography, inequality, practices of social in/exclusion

Research Area(s)
German and French-speaking Alps (Switzerland), Jura mountains (Switzerland)


I am a social anthropologist working on people’s everyday experiences of capitalist development (i.e. tourism), social inequality and (non-)belonging in small yet globalized places located in mountain areas. For my dissertation, I joined the project “Trapped in Paradise: Entangled Mobilities and Imaginaries of Freedom” at the Institute of Social Anthropology at the University of Bern (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation). I conducted village ethnography and focused on temporal narratives in an Alpine village located in the Bernese Swiss Alps. In my thesis, I shed light on the inequality that was structuring the village’s economy by following different actors: tourism lobbyists promoting for a bright future of growth; locals who were seen as the village’s eternal “natives”; and migrant hospitality workers who were made into temporary and non-belonging “others”. I received my PhD from the University of Bern in September 2021.

In December 2021, I joined the MPI independent research group “Alpine Histories of Global Change: Time, Self and the Other in the German-Speaking Alpine Region”.

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