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Research Interests

Economic anthropology; History of French anthropology; Cash transfers; Experimentalisation of development aid; Anthropology of food; Masculinities; Migration; Experiences of pressure; Gambling; Theory of the gift; Anthropological theory

Research Area(s)
Kenya, East Africa

After studying social anthropology, philosophy, and African languages, Mario Schmidt obtained his doctorate with a study of cross-cultural economic encounters between European colonists and native North Americans in the northeast of the United States of America during the 17th century (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main). Since then, his research has focused on economic practices, narratives, and discourses in rural Western Kenya and Nairobi (30 months of fieldwork). His research interests include cultural classification of money and monetary amounts, the experimentalisation of development aid, historical changes of food systems, urban migration, economic pressure, the history and influence of the Durkheim School, and behavioural economics.

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