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Research Interests
civil society; class; debt; economic and political anthropology; globalization; neoliberalism; public policy; social movements; the state

Research Area(s)
South East Europe (Croatia and Serbia)

I am a social anthropologist working on social, economic and political transformation in former Yugoslavia, in particular Croatia and Serbia. I joined the Research Group Financialization in October 2015 to examine the boom, crisis, and ongoing social and political repercussions of household debt in Croatia since the 1990s. My analysis of this marked and highly politicized case of financialization will center on the intersections of debt with class and on regulative frameworks, political practices and social institutions that embed debt in moral economies of various kinds and scales. This will entail studying forms and social relations of debt in residential neighbourhoods built during the credit boom in Zagreb as well as discursive and political practices through which bankers, activists and other actors seek to represent and regulate household indebtedness. My doctoral project (LSE, 2014) focused on the roles of "civil society" and the "state" in transformations of governance and social struggles over political and economic restructuring in postsocialist Serbia.

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