Publications of Giovanni Da Col

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Journal Article
Da Col, Giovanni and David Graeber. 2011. Foreword: the return of ethnographic theory. HAU 1(1): vi-xxxv. Accessed 2011.

Other (1)

Bellér-Hann, Ildikó, Giovanni Da Col, Ayxem Eli, Kirsten Endres, Friederike Fleischer, Chris Hann, Helena Obendiek, Sawut Pawan, Sarah Schefold, Markus Schlecker, Johannes Steinmüller, and Xiujie Wu. 2010. Kinship and Social Support in China and Vietnam. Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Report: Department II 'Socialist and Postsocialist Eurasia' 2008/2009(1). Accessed 2010.
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