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Journal Article (11)

Journal Article
Campbell, Brian and Christian Laheij. 2021. Introduction: urban precarity. City and Society 33(2): 283–302.
Journal Article
Campbell, Brian. 2019. Africa starts at the Pyrenees: humor, laughter, and financial recession in a Spanish enclave in Morocco. Anthropological Quarterly 91(1): 143–172.
Journal Article
Campbell, Brian. 2018. Caradura: migration, informal labor, and the problem of enacting trust in a Spanish enclave in Morocco. PoLAR 41(1): 160–178.
Journal Article
Campbell, Brian. 2018. Having faith in Ceuta: error and ethnics in rituals of/for convivencia in a Spanish enclave in Northern Africa. Journal of Ritual Studies 32(2): 27–42.
Journal Article
Said, Alicia, Douglas MacMillan, and Brian Campbell. 2018. Crossroads at sea: escalating conflict in a marine protected area in Malta. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 208: 52–60.
Journal Article
Campbell, Brian. 2017. The gods of the hunt: stereotypes, risk and national identity in a Spanish enclave in North Africa. Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 26(2): 127–151.
Journal Article
Campbell, Brian. 2016. Of chicks, lice and mackerel: carnival and transgression in a cosmopolitan Spanish enclave in Morocco. Ethnos 81(3): 448–477.
Journal Article
Veríssimo, Diogo and Brian Campbell. 2015. Understanding stakeholder conflict between conservation and hunting in Malta. Biological Conservation 191: 812–818.
Journal Article
Campbell, Brian and Diogo Veríssimo. 2014. Bye, bye, Cacopardo!: Revisiting factionalism through the hunting scene in Malta. Journal of Mediterranean Studies 23(2): 203–224.
Journal Article
Bennett, Caroline, Brian Campbell, Maria-Paz Peirano-Olate, and Carin Tunaker. 2013. Frontiers and migrations in anthropology: 2nd RAI postgraduate conference. Anthropology Today 29(3): 27–28.
Journal Article
Campbell, Brian. 2012. Enacting trust: contract, law and informal economic relationships in a Spanish border enclave in Morocco. Compaso 3(2): 17–25.

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Campbell, Brian. 2018. Ceuta (un)chained: anxiety, nostalgia, and irony on the Spanish border with Morocco. In: Andrew Canessa (ed.). Barrier and bridge: Spanish and Gibraltarian perspectives on their border. The Cañada Blanch. Brighton; Chicago; Toronto: Sussex Academic Press, pp. 44–74.
Book Chapter
Campbell, Brian. 2017. Prólogo. In: Mariam M. Mohamed (ed.). Patrimonio inmaterial de la comunidad musulmana de la Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta: fiestas, costumbres y tradicionas. Ceuta: Centro Cultural Al-Idrissi, pp. 11–18.

Other (1)

Veríssimo , Diogo and Brian Campbell. 2015. Black Stork Down: the trap of communicating the ‘Wildlife Wars.’ The Conversation. Accessed March 6, 2015.

Book Review (5)

Book Review
Campbell, Brian. 2017. Rogozen-Soltar, Mikaela H. 2017. Spain unmoored: migration, vonversion, and the politics of Islam. Indiana: Indiana University Press (New Anthropologies of Europe Series) (Public Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa Series). Journal of Mediterranean Studies 26(2): 267–269.
Book Review
Campbell, Brian. 2015. Illegality, inc.: Clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe by Ruben Andersson, 2014. Journal of Mediterranean Studies 24(2): 255–256.
Book Review
Campbell, Brian. 2014. Jeremy Boissevain, Factions, friends and feasts: anthropological perspectives in the mediterranean, Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2013. Journal of Mediterranean Studies 23(1): 125–126.
Book Review
Campbell, Brian. 2012. Mario-Luis Small, Unanticipated gains: origins of network inequality in everyday life, New York: Oxford University Press, 2009. Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online 4(1): 115–118.
Book Review
Campbell, Brian. 2010. Guru Gopal (ed.), Humiliation: claims and contexts, New Dehli: Oxford University Press, 2009. Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online 2(2): 92–94.

Film (1)

Campbell, Brian. 2015. Il-kaċċa u l-lingwa. 156 min.
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