Publications of Miladina Monova

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Monova, Miladina. 2009. Others but ours: identity politics and social representations on the so-called "Aegeans" in the Republic of Macedonia (in Macedonian). Etnolog (9): 145–160.

Book Chapter (5)

Book Chapter
Monova, Miladina. 2015. When the household meets the state: Ajvar cooking and householding in postsocialist Macedonia. In: Stephen Gudeman (ed.). Oikos and market: explorations in self-sufficiency after socialism. Max Planck Studies in Anthropology and Economy 2. New York: Berghahn, pp. 77–100.
Book Chapter
Monova, Miladina. 2015. "We don't have work. We just grow a little tobacco.": household economy and ritual effervescence in a Macedonian town. In: Stephen Gudeman (ed.). Economy and ritual: studies of postsocialist transformations. Max Planck Studies in Anthropology and Economy 1. New York: Berghahn, pp. 166–191.
Book Chapter
Monova, Miladina. 2013. "We are all chasing after the euro": labour, calculations and ideas of well-being among tobacco growers in a Macedonian town. In: Nebi Bardhoshi and Gilles de Rapper (eds.). Pratiques sociales et configurations locales dans les Balkans = Social practices and local configurations in the Balkans. Acta scientiarum 4. Tiranë: UET Press, pp. 81–95.
Book Chapter
Monova, Miladina. 2011. Refugees from the Greek civil war in the Republic of Macedonia: trajectories, memories, identifications [in Greek language]. In: K. Markou (ed.). Reconstructions and new dynamics after 1990 [in Greek language]. Athens: Herodotos, pp. 233–262.
Book Chapter
Monova, Miladina. 2010. The impossible citizenship: the case of Macedonians, refugees from the Greek Civil War in the Republic of Macedonia. In: Anna Krasteva (ed.). Migrations from and to Southeastern Europe. Europe and the Balkans International Network 31. Ravenna: Longo, pp. 253–266.

Other (1)

Gudeman, Stephen, Chris Hann, Jennifer Cash, Nathan Light, Miladina Monova, Detelina Tocheva, Monica Vasile, and Bea Vidacs. 2010. Economy and Ritual. Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Report 2008/2009(1). Accessed 2010.
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