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Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Münster, Daniel and Christian Strümpell. 2014. The anthropology of neoliberal India: an introduction. Contributions to Indian Sociology 48(1): 1–16.
Journal Article
Sanchez, Andrew and Christian Strümpell. 2014. Anthropological and historical perspectives on India's working classes. Modern Asian Studies 48(5): 1233–1241.
Journal Article
Sanchez, Andrew and Christian Strümpell. 2014. Sons of soil, sons of steel: autochthony, descent and the class concept in industrial India. Modern Asian Studies 48(5): 1276–1301.
Journal Article
Strümpell, Christian. 2014. The politics of dispossession in an Odishan steel town. Contributions to Indian Sociology 48(1): 45–72.
Journal Article
Strümpell, Christian. 2008. 'We work together, we eat together': conviviality and modernity in a company settlement in south Orissa. Contributions to Indian Sociology 42(3): 351–381.

Book Chapter (7)

Book Chapter
Strümpell, Christian. 2018. Precarious labor and precarious livelihoods in an Indian company town. In: Chris Hann and Jonathan Parry (eds.). Industrial labor on the margins of capitalism: precarity, class, and the neoliberal subject. 1. ed. Max Planck Studies in Anthropology and Economy 4. New York; Oxford: Berghahn, pp. 134–154.
Book Chapter
Strümpell, Christian. 2016. Zur "ursprünglichen Akkumulation" im gegenwärtigen Indien: Klasse, Kaste und die Politik der Enteignung. In: Felix Wemheuer (ed.). Marx und der globale Süden. Köln: PapyRossa, pp. 277–297.
Book Chapter
Strümpell, Christian. 2016. The making and unmaking of an Adivasi working class in Western Orissa. In: Nandini Sundar (ed.). The scheduled tribes and their India: politics, identities, policies, and work. Oxford in India Readings in Sociology and Social Anthropology. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, pp. 584–596.
Book Chapter
Strümpell, Christian. 2016. Labour and land in an eastern Indian steel town: historical transformations of gift and commodity values. In: Laila Prager, Michael Prager, and Guido Sprenger (eds.). Parts and wholes: essays on social morphology, cosmology, and exchange in honour of J.D.M. Platenkamp. Zürich: LIT, pp. 265–275.
Book Chapter
Eckert, Julia, Zerrin Özlem Biner, Brian Donahoe, and Christian Strümpell. 2012. Introduction: law's travels and transformations. In: Julia Eckert, Brian Donahoe, Zerrin Özlem Biner, and Christian Strümpell (eds.). Law against the state: ethnographic forays into law's transformations. Cambridge Studies in Law and Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 1–22.
Book Chapter
Strümpell, Christian. 2008. Forts and camps in tribal Orissa: kshatriyaization and industrialization compared. In: Deepak Kumar Behera and Georg Pfeffer (eds.). Identity, intervention and ideology in tribal India and beyond. Contemporary Society, Tribal Studies 7. New Delhi: Concept Publishers, pp. 56–78.
Book Chapter
Strümpell, Christian. 2007. Chatamput: an industrial camp in the Tribal Belt. In: Georg Pfeffer (ed.). Periphery and centre: studies in Orissan history, religion and anthropology. New Delhi: Manohar, pp. 319–340.

Issue (2)

Neveling, Patrick, Christian Strümpell, and David Münster (eds.). 2014. The making of neoliberal India. Contributions to Indian Sociology 48(1). Los Angeles: SAGE.
Sanchez, Andrew and Christian Strümpell (eds.). 2014. Forum: class matters: new ethnographic perspectives on the politics of Indian labour. Modern Asian Studies 48(5).

Newspaper Article (1)

Newspaper Article
Parry, Jonathan and Christian Strümpell. 2008. On the desecration of Nehru's "temples": Bhilai and Rourkela compared. Economic and Political Weekly, 2008: 47. Accessed 2008.

Collected Edition (2)

Collected Edition
Eckert, Julia, Brian Donahoe, Christian Strümpell, and Zerrin Özlem Biner (eds.). 2012. Law against the state: ethnographic forays into law's transformations. Cambridge Studies in Law and Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Collected Edition
Berger, Peter and Christian Strümpell (eds.). 2009. Feldforschung: ethnologische Zugänge zu sozialen Wirklichkeiten. Berliner Beiträge zur Ethnologie 15. Berlin: Weißensee Verlag.

Monograph (1)

Strümpell, Christian. 2006. "Wir arbeiten zusammen, wir essen zusammen": Konvivium und soziale Peripherie in einer indischen Werkssiedlung. Berlin: LIT.
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