Ph.D Candidates

Fourth cohort: Representing domination


Pablo Ampuero Ruiz
“They Must Be Represented”: (Re)producing Social Hierarchies amongst Migrant Workers in Southern China

Milana Cergic
Bingo and Herzegovina: Understanding Social and Economic Transformations through the Prism of a Local Retail Chain in Post-socialist Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anu Krishna
A Spice, its Scent, and Many Lives: Situating Alleppey Green in the Indian Ocean World

Shilla Lee
Local Revitalization Projects in Rural Japan: The Case of Tamba Sasayama and its Traditional Tamba Pottery


Ruben Davtyan
Impacts of the Near East and the Eurasian Nomads on the South Caucasus and the Representation of Local Elites during the Middle Iron Age

Adrià Moreno Gil
The Power of Borders and Borders of Power: Towards a Definition of Political Borders in Prehistoric Societies

Julius Roch
How to Integrate an Emperor: The Representation, Perception, and Inclusion of the Roman Authority in the Collective Identity of the Cities in Asia Minor. Case Study Miletus – a Numismatic Approach

Nikola Stefanovski
Warriors’ Equipment: A Tool for Acquiring, Maintaining and Displaying Status and Domination


Lisa Kröger
The Antigonids and Hellas – Studies in the Relation Between the Antigonid Dynasty and the Greek Poleis

Sofia Lopatina
Collective Practices and Control Culture: Soviet Youth in Leningrad (1960–1972)

Frank Rochow
Architecture and Rule: Conception of the State and Military Presence in the Habsburg Province Galicia-Lodomeria, 1849-1859

Adrian Wesołowski
Philanthropic Celebrity in the Age of Sensibility: A Comparative-Historical Study of British, French, and Polish Examples (1770-1830)

Third cohort: Economic and demographic drivers of social change


Sena Duygu Topçu
Making Money, Making Home: Household Economic Strategies of Syrian Refugees in Istanbul


Nico Schwerdt
Long-Term Urban Change in Miletus from Roman Antiquity to Early Byzantine Times. A Ceramic Perspective


Oscar Dube
Peasants and lords - small and big farmers: Innovation, institutions and productivity in Saxon agriculture, 1700 to 1900

Gunnar R. Dumke
Alexander’s heirs in India – Graeco-Macedonian rule in Pakistan and North-Western India after Menander I Soter

Maria Kozhevnikova
Concepts of deviant behaviour among Russian nobles of the first quarter of the 19th century

Second cohort: Religion and ritual


Elzyata Kuberlinova
Between Buddha and Tsar: Kalmyk Buddhist Clergy in Late Imperial Russia


Hans Goldenbaum
Between nationalism, pragmatism and indifference

María Soledad Hernández Nieto
Inquisition and Images in Early Modern Spain: Proceedings in the Canary Islands, ca. 1520-1700

First cohort: Collective identifications

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