Ph.D candidates with members of the Principal Faculty

Ph.D Candidates

Ph.D Candidates

Fourth cohort: Representing domination


Pablo Ampuero Ruiz
Between Dancers and Terrorists: The (Re)Construction of Uyghur Identity and Its Implications for Labour Solidarity amongst Uyghur and Han Migrant Workers in Guangdong Province

Milana Cergic
Promoting Neoliberalization and Maintaining Precarity in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Towards an Anthropology of Hypermarkets

Anu Krishna
‘Alleppey Green’ - Maritime Cardamom Trade and Conjunctures in the Cardamom Hills of India

Shilla Lee
Is Contradictory Time a Hope or a New Scape of Dominance? A Case of a Rural Village in Japan


Ruben Davtyan
Impacts of the Near East and the Eurasian Nomads on the South Caucasus and the Representation of Local Elites during the Middle Iron Age

Adrià Moreno Gil
The Power of Borders and the Borders of Power: Towards a Definition of Political Borders in Prehistoric Societies

Julius Roch
How to Integrate an Emperor? The Representation, Perception, and Inclusion of the Roman Emperor into the Collective Identity of the Cities in Asia Minor

Nikola Stefanovski
Warriors’ Equipment as a Tool for Acquiring, Maintaining and Displaying Status, Power and Prestige and Its Use in the Struggle for Domination


Lisa Kröger
Antigonid Domination over Greek City-States

Sofia Lopatina
Making the Soviet Dissident: Creation and Representation of a Collective Identity in the Soviet Union (1956-1975)

Frank Rochow
Architecture and Rule: State Conception and Military Presence in the Habsburg Provinces Lombardo-Venetia and Galicia-Lodomeria, 1849-1859

Adrian Wesołowski
The Origins and Evolution of Philanthropic Celebrity, 1750-1850

Third cohort: Economic and demographic drivers of social change


Daniela Ana
Produced and Bottled in Moldova: History and Labour in a Postsocialist Wine Factory

Annabell Körner
“Child in every family!” – Family planning, infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Georgia

Sena Duygu Topçu
Making Money, Making Home: Household Economic Strategies of Syrian Refugees in Istanbul


Juana Maria Olives Pons
Social norms as a strategy of regulation of reproduction among hunter-fisher-gatherer societies

Nico Schwerdt
Long-Term Urban Change in Miletus from Roman Antiquity to Early Byzantine Times. A Ceramic Perspective


Oscar Dube
Peasants and lords - small and big farmers: Innovation, institutions and productivity in Saxon agriculture, 1700 to 1900

Gunnar R. Dumke
Alexander’s heirs in India – Graeco-Macedonian rule in Pakistan and North-Western India after Menander I Soter

Maria Kozhevnikova
Concepts of deviant behaviour among Russian nobles of the first quarter of the 19th century

Benjamin Matuzak
Coping and Caring: Institutionalised Vulnerability and Resilience of Families under Economic Pressure during Modernisation

Second cohort: Religion and ritual


Elzyata Kuberlinova
Between Buddha and Tsar: Kalmyk Buddhist Clergy in Late Imperial Russia

Giuseppe Tateo
City of Crosses: Bucharest's Re-Consecration after 1990

Hoài Trần
Mountainous cultural space and socialist national state: Ritual practices and cultural heritage discourses among ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Diána Vonnák
Heritage for the Future: Debating nation and legacies of the past in wartime Ukraine.


Tim Felix Grünewald
The Meaning of Religion and Ritual in Young and Late Neolithic Causewayed Enclosures of South Scandinavia and Central Europe

Jan-Henrik Adrian Hartung
Interiors of Greek Temples in Archaic and Classical Times

Anja Lochner-Rechta
„Symbolic power“ – „Symbol power“ The Celtic „early style“ and its ritual, cultic and identity-forming significance

Juliane Tomesch
Egyptian elements in the sepulchral culture of the Roman Empire beyond Egypt


Simon Bellmann
Political Theologies in Early Judaism: The Books of Esther

Hans Goldenbaum
Between nationalism, pragmatism and indifference

María Soledad Hernández Nieto
Inquisition and Images in Early Modern Spain: Proceedings in the Canary Islands, ca. 1520-1700

First cohort: Collective identifications


Elisa Kohl-Garrity
Khundetgekh Yos: Forms of respect and disregard in Mongolian culture 13th – 21st century


Daniel Delchev
Ways of Acculturation in Thracia and Moesia Inferior 1st to 4th Century. The Role of the Settlers from Asia Minor as a Cultural Medium

Nadine Holesch
Stoneware. Innovation and Transfer of Technology


Hendrik Tieke
Methodenprobleme der deutschen Sozialgeschichte. Deutschland 1870 - 1933 - eine Gesellschaft sozialer Klassen?

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