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Hitchcock, Robert K., Maria Sapignoli, and Wayne A. Babchuk. 2015. Settler colonialism, conflicts, and genocide: interactions between hunter-gatherers and settlers in Kenya, and Zimbabwe and northern Botswana. Settler Colonial Studies 5(1): 40–65.
Journal Article
Hitchcock, Robert, Maria Sapignoli, M. Main, and W. Babchuk. 2015. The politics and economics of community-based natural resource management in /Xai/Xai, Western Ngamiland, Botswana. African Study Monographs 36(4): 211–260.
Journal Article
Sapignoli, Maria. 2015. Dispossession in the age of humanity: human rights, citizenship, and indigeneity in the Central Kalahari. Anthropological Forum 25(3): 285–305.
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