Completed Projects

Completed Projects


Leah Cheung Ah Li
De-foreignizing the Past: The Politics of Heritage in Xi'an, Central China
Defended in November 2016

Mustafa Coşkun
Improvising the Voice of Ancestors: A Historical Ethnography of Oral Poetry Performances among the Kyrgyz
Defended in February 2016

Sascha Roth
Making a Home in Baku: Dynamics of Housing, Family and State in Azerbaijan
Defended in July 2016

Giuseppe Tateo
Under the Sign of the Cross: The Politics of Re-Consecration in Postsocialist Bucharest
Defended in July 2018


Tobias Neuser
The Imported Pottery of the Middle and early Late Bronze Age Harbour Town of Tavşan Adası and its Aegean Context
Defended in July 2016

Michael Rechta
The Bronze Age Architecture of Tavşan Adası in its Aegean Context
Defended in June 2016


Miriam Franchina
Writing an Impartial History in the Republic of Letters: Paul Rapin Thoyras and his Histoire d’Angleterre (1724-27)
Defended in January 2017

Jakub Štofaník
Between Cross and Hammer: Reception of Social Thought in the Catholic Church during the First Half of the 20th Century
Defended in September 2016

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