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Journal Article
Burchardt, Marian, Zeynep Yanasmayan, and Matthias Koenig. 2019. The judicial politics of burqa bans in Belgium and Spain: socio-legal field dynamics and the standardization of justificatory repertoires. Law and Social Inquiry 44(2): 333–358.
Journal Article
Yanasmayan, Zeynep and Zeynep Kaşlı. 2019. Reading diasporic engagements through the lens of citizenship: Turkey as a test case. Political Geography 70: 24–33.
Journal Article
Yanasmayan, Zeynep, Ayşen Üstübici, and Zeynep Kaşlı. 2019. Under the shadow of civilizationist populist discourses: political debates on refugees in Turkey. New Diversities 21(2): 37–51.

Monograph (1)

Yanasmayan, Zeynep. 2019. The migration of highly educated Turkish citizens to Europe: from guestworkers to global talent. 1. ed. Research in Migration and Ethnic Relations Series. London; New York: Routledge.
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