Daily Practical Life and Islamic Normativity in the Context of Gender ǧihād

(Lebensweltliche Alltagspragmatik von Musliminnen und islamische Normativität im Kontext des gender ǧihād )

In her PhD project “Daily practical life and Islamic normativity in the context of gender ǧihād”, Beate Anam studies the ways in which Muslim women who have been socialized in Germany combine and reconcile daily practical life with their religious norms. Anam looks into the influences that either encourage or discourage certain behaviours. Furthermore, she traces the extent to which the respective women consider their behaviour to be in accordance with religious norms. Against this backdrop, the actual meaning of the gender ǧihād discourse will be pursued as well. The findings shall be compared with the interpretations in the classical uṣūl al-fiqh (principles of Islamic jurisprudence) literature. Consequently, and based on the results of the comparison, Anam asks if a further, sui generis development (i.e., one that can accommodate the circumstances immigrant Muslim women find themselves in) can be deduced from the relationship between daily practical life and Islamic normativity.

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