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Igor Matviyets spricht mit Michael Fürstenberg über Terrorismus

2 May 2021
A talk about the attack on the Halle synagogue and new developments in right-wing terrorism (in German)

TV interview with Carolin Görzig on the occasion of the remembrance of the terror attack in Hanau

19 February 2021
Deutsche Welle News

"Woran arbeiten Sie gerade, Carolin Görzig?" Radio interview Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Interview with Carolin Görzig, by Nicole Dittmer

Is Terrorist Learning Different?

21 November 2019, 9 am - 22 November 2019, 5 pm
Organisers: Carolin Görzig, Imad Alsoos, Florian Köhler (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)
Location: Main Seminar Room
Workshop Report

30 October 2019 What does the future of terrorism look like and what can we learn from past developments? Are there perhaps even typical patterns that can shed light on how terrorist movements emerge and how they develop? Carolin Görzig explores these questions in her twelve-minute talk, in which she also gives insight into field research in Northern Ireland, Tunisia and the Middle East. more

Radio interview with Michael Fürstenberg on the terror attacks in Halle

10 October 2019
MDR Jump

Interview with Michael Fürstenberg, by Bernadette Hirschfelder

De-Radicalization through Double-Loop Learning? How the Egyptian Gamaa Islamija renounced violence

24 September 2019
The article "De-Radicalization through Double-Loop Learning? How the Egyptian Gamaa Islamija renounced violence" by Carolin Görzig appears in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.

Forschung mit und über Terroristen

03 August 2019
MDR Aktuell
Radio interview with Carolin Görzig

Im Schatten der Zukunft

01 July 2019
The article "Im Schatten der Zukunft" by Michael Fürstenberg and Carolin Görzig appears in the July/August 2019
issue of IP - Die Zeitschrift (Internationale Politik).

The article "Ways out of Terrorism" ("Wege aus dem Terrorismus") by Carolin Görzig was published in the highlights 2018 from the yearbook of the Max Planck Society.

In these two videos of our series "Spot On - Three Minutes of Anthropology" Imad Alsoos from the research group "How 'Terrorists' learn" talks about his research on islamic mobilisation in Palestine and Tunisia – in English and in Arabic. more

Jung & Naiv: Episode 407

Carolin Görzig talks to Tilo Jung about her terrorism research:

What is terrorism anyway? Is there state terrorism? How do we differentiate between terrorists? What do right-wing extremists and jihadists have in common?

(interview in German)

Latest Thinking: How Do Terrorist Groups Learn and Unlearn Violence?

Author: Carolin Görzig
Length: 12 minutes
Camera operator / Photographer: Florian Wehking

Carolin Görzig explains her current research project in a science video by the open access video journal “Latest Thinking”.

Ways out of violence – interview with Carolin Görzig on Deutschlandfunk

29 July 2018
Carolin Görzig, head of the research group "How 'Terrorists' Learn - Re-considering the tactical and strategic transformation of violent movements and organisations" talked with Florian Felix Weyh about the learning capacity of terrorist groups, the problems with using the term "terrorism", and the ethical questions raised by contact with terrorists. The interview also considers ways out of violence, negotiating with "terrorists" and how members of such groups achieve new self-knowledge and unlearn violence.

Lecture Series 2018
Organisers: Carolin Görzig, Michael Fürstenberg (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)
Location: Seminar Room, New Building, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Poster more

"Can Aid Help Counter Violent Extremism and Terrorism?"

05 December 2017
Participation of Almakan Orozobekova in a debate at the University of London
Organisers: London International Development Centre & The Guardian

13 October 2016, 9 am - 14 October 2016, 5 pm
Organisers: Christopher Daase (Peace Research Institute, Frankfurt), Carolin Görzig (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)
Location: Main Seminar Room, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology


"Wie lernen Terroristen", Research at the Max Planck Institute

MDR Sachsen / MDR Info
Interview with Carolin Görzig, by Theo M. Lies

The research group provides scientific support for the theatre play "Djihad Paradise" presented by the Neues Theater in Halle. Flyer "Djihad Paradise" (Neues Theater) more
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