Writing ups, Visiting Fellows and Guests

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Dissertation Writing-up Fellows

 Since the Dissertation Writing-up Programme formally began in 2017, we have had the great good fortune of hosting a number of very promising young scholars and giving them the space, time, resources, and intellectual atmosphere to finish up their dissertations. Indeed, the results have been very impressive. All of these young people brought their energy and enthusiasm to Halle, actively engaged in the intellectual life of the Department and the Institute, and left with (nearly) completed dissertations under their belts and fond memories of their time with us, and are now very active parts of our ever-growing international network of scholars. We are very proud of them and pleased that we have been able to support them at a critical time in their young careers. We look forward to continuing this highly successful programme.

Visiting Fellows Programme

Through our Visiting Fellows Programme, we infuse the Department with fresh ideas by hosting visiting scholars for various lengths of time. Below we list only those who stayed with us for longer periods of time during the 2017–2019 reporting period. In addition to those listed below, many more guests and visiting scholars have spent shorter amounts of time with us, generously sharing their ideas and insights and deriving inspiration from their interaction with our researchers. Some of them have been mentioned in the Group Project descriptions or in individual profiles, and all of them, as well as the concrete contributions they made while with us in terms of lectures, seminars, conference presentations, etc., can be found in the Activities Report.


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