Writing-ups, Visiting Fellows and Guests 2018

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Dissertation Writing-up Fellows (in chronological order)


Adela Taleb (September 2018–March 2019)
  • Institution: Humboldt University Berlin
  • Dissertation: Transcending National Boundaries. The Role of the EU and Pan-European Muslim Organizations in the Discursive Field of “European Islam” (working title)
  • Defence: expected February 2021.
  • Current position: PhD Candidate, institute for European Ethnology, Humboldt University Berlin

Aurélien Bouayad (September–December 2018)
  • Institution: Sciences Po Paris
  • Dissertation: Law and the Ecology of Others
  • Defence: expected December 2020
  • Current Position:Teaching Fellow, PhD Candidate, Sciences Po Paris


Visiting Fellows (in chronological order/ selection)

Nicola (Nicki) Kindersley (April–June 2018)

Pembroke College, Cambridge

Current position: Lecturer, Cardiff University


Martine Valois (May–July 2018)

University of Montreal 

Current position: Associate Professor, University of Montreal


Jean Leclair (May-June 2018)

University of Montreal

Current position: Full Professor

University of Montreal


Soraya Bou-Sfia (June–August 2018)

Utrecht University 

Current position: Junior Assistant Professor, Utrecht University

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