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Generating Profits, Generating Profiles: Developing and Deploying Digital Policing in Palestine/Israel

My research focuses on logics and actors involved in the development and deployment of digital technologies in Palestine/Israel. It contributes to the group’s overall objective of addressing the ways in which digital technologies are increasingly used in governance and decision-making. It will engage in the close ethnographic study of the contexts and implications of the design of these technologies and their subsequent geographies of circulation. In addition, the research will investigate the relationship between digital technologies and legal frameworks and consider how organising principles, such as prediction and anticipation, are shaping today’s world.

AI revolution in policing? An ethnography of digital technologies in law enforcement practice

My research aims to produce a multi-sited ethnography of the data practices in policing, tracing contingencies from production to implementation, to fully grasp the changes that these technologies bring about. This project will contribute to the group’s overall objective to understand the shifts in knowledge production brought about by data-driven technologies and their consequences for internal and external power relations of policing. I will look particularly at 1) the influence of data and risk scores on discretionary decision making, 2) the managerial use of data in officer supervision, 3) the use of new data sources in investigations, 4) the consequences for community interactions, 5) the role of civil society actors in shaping and restricting the adoption of these technologies, and 6) the ways private companies shape perceptions of risk.

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