IMPACT Project

I had the pleasure of contributing to a ten-year research project, IMPACT (“The Impact of Religion: Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy”), which was based at Uppsala University. The project examined, from a comparative angle, the impact of religion on a region that is, on the one hand, profoundly secularized, but is also, on the other hand, seeing the rise of religious minorities that seek formal recognition. I had the opportunity to lead several workshops, help guide doctoral researchers in their projects, and participate in several conferences. This involvement grew out of the RELIGARE project (2010–2013).[1] IMPACT has now reached its conclusion.

In 2019, prompted in part by my work with IMPACT, I received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Law of Uppsala University. On the occasion of the award, I delivered a public lecture and led a seminar on the contribution of law to the success of multiculturalism in society and on the need for more interdisciplinary research in this area.

[1] Religious Diversity and Secular Models in Europe: Innovative Approaches to Law and Policy (RELIGARE), funded by the European Commission under its 7th Framework Programme.

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