Chris Hann’s Oeuvre Honoured in Essay Volume

July 05, 2021

On Friday, 2 July, the volume Explorations in Economic Anthropology was symbolically presented to Chris Hann, Founding Director of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (MPI) during a virtual conference. In short, incisive essays, the 20 contributors engage with the topics and debates that have played a central role in Hann’s work for more than four decades: the development of postsocialist states, global economic and social transformations, and the connection between economic action and religious values.

The editors – Deema Kaneff (University of Birmingham) and Kirsten Endres (MPI for Social Anthropology) – have brought together renowned experts from different disciplines to discuss current developments in economic anthropology. “The contributors directly respond to Hann’s extensive body of work and engage critically with his ideas, showing how fruitful his contributions to the discipline have been and continue to be,” says Deema Kaneff. The authors consider topics such as the embeddedness of economic activities in broader social contexts and the far-reaching effects of global changes in the way we live and work. Many of the essays pick up on debates about civilizational developments in Eurasia in the longue durée – discussions that have been decisively shaped by the insights of Hann’s research.

The volume appeared with Berghahn Books:
Deema Kaneff, Kirsten W. Endres (eds.), Explorations in Economic Anthropology: Key Issues and Critical Reflections

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