New state-of-the-art article co-authored by Marek Mikuš

July 04, 2023

A new interdisciplinary state-of-the-art and theory article on the financialization of households co-authored by Marek Mikuš, sociologist Alicja Bobek (Technological University Dublin) and economic geographer Martin Sokol (Trinity College Dublin) was just published in Socio-Economic Review.

As the first article of this type on household financialization, it fills a major gap in scholarship. In addition to providing a high-level review of the literature, it formulates a relational and activity-oriented concept of the household for financialization studies, mobilizes the concept of "financial chains" to analyse relationships between households and other actors under financialized capitalism, and explores social, spatial and temporal dimensions of household financialization. The article is available open access here.

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