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"The flip side of debt: mortgaged housing as assets in Zagreb"

30. September 2021

On 30 September 2021, Marek Mikuš delivered a presentation entitled "The flip side of debt: mortgaged housing as assets in Zagreb" in the panel "Economy as Atmosphere", which was part of the DGSKA 2021 conference.

"Nationalist movements against financial nationalism? Forex debtors' activism and Hungary's new financial regime"

21. September 2021

Online Talk by Agnes Gagyi during her research visit at the MPI for Social Anthropology

SIEF2021 Congress

23. Juni 2021

On 23 June 2021, Marek Mikuš presented a paper entitled 'Middle class on credit: class formation, housing policy and financialization in Croatia' in the panel 'Between governance and resistance: coping with financial precarity and ...

New Publication

15. Juni 2021

A collection of chapters co-edited by Marek Mikuš and Petra Rodik, has been published in Routledge's RIPE Series in Global Political Economy.

Online conference: Thirty Years of Capitalist Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe: Inequalities and Social Resistance

21. Mai 2021

On Friday 21 May, 12-14 pm CET, Marek Mikuš has participated in the panel 'Economic Growth and Debt in Central and Eastern Europe". The panel was part of the online conference "Thirty Years of Capitalist Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe ...

Online event: Funding Free Debt Advice in South Africa: Learning from 3 Countries

15. April 2021

On 15 April 2021, Marek Mikuš participated in an online event entitled "Funding Free Debt Advice in South Africa: Learning from 3 Countries" organized by the South African human rights organization Black Sash. The event was focused a presentation and ...

New Publication

25. März 2021

The Oxford Research of Encyclopedia has published Marek Mikuš's  article on the anthropology of financialization in Eastern Europe. The article is fully open access.

New Team Members

9. Oktober 2020

On 1 October 2020, PhD students Mathias Krabbe and Balázs Gosztonyi joined Peripheral Debt. More information on their research interests and past work can be found in the section People.

New Publication

9. Oktober 2020

Marek Mikuš's chapter about the practices and politics of debt collection and debt enforcement in Croatia, entitled "Making Debt Work: Devising and Debating Debt Collection in Croatia", was recently published as part of the edited collection ...

GEOFIN Working Paper 9 published

1. Oktober 2020

Marek Mikuš's fourth and final working paper for GEOFIN (Western Banks in Eastern Europe: New Geographies of Financialisation), an ERC-funded research project on which he previously collaborated, has just been published. The paper entitled ...

New Publication

1. September 2020

Marek Mikuš has contributed to the new working paper of the Periféria Policy and Research Centre entitled Household Debt on the Peripheries of Europe: New Constellations since 2008. The extensive and open-source working paper, intended primarily for ...

Vacancies - 2 PhD positions

1. August 2020

'Peripheral Debt' is now inviting applications for two PhD positions. The PhD students will be expected to develop dissertations on household debt in Hungary and Poland, respectively. The deadline for applying has been extended to 15 June 2020. For ...

Call for Papers: "Contesting Household Debt", IUAES2020 Congress, Šibenik, 7-11 October 2020

1. Mai 2020

Dr. Marek Mikuš and Dr. Irene Sabaté are inviting paper proposals for their panel ‘Contesting Household Debt: Politics, Infrapolitics, and the Political Economy of Debtor-Creditor Relations’ at the IUAES2020 Congress in Šibenik, Croatia on 7-11 ...

Workshop "Foreign-Currency Housing Loans in Eastern Europe: Crises, Tensions and Struggles" | University in Zagreb.

10. Januar 2020

On 15-16 February 2020, Marek Mikuš will participate in the workshop "Foreign-Currency Housing Loans in Eastern Europe: Crises, Tensions and Struggles" that he is co-organizing with Ágnes Gagyi and Petra Rodik at the Faculty of Humanities and Social ...

Outline of the Peripheral Debt research project

23. November 2019

On 6 December 2019, Marek Mikuš will present an outline of the Peripheral Debt research project at the 3rd International Scientific Conference "Financialization and Society" in Rzeszów, Poland. His talk will be part of Session B ("Impact Mechanisms ...

Households and Financialization in Europe's Peripheries | Co-Editors Petra Rodik and Marek Mikuš

22. November 2019

Together with his co-editor Petra Rodik, Marek Mikuš recently signed a publication contract for an edited collection with the working title Households and Financialization in Europe's Peripheries, to be published in Routledge's RIPE Series in Global ...

Neoliberal Debt Policy and the Loss of Autonomy

21. November 2019

On 1 October 2019 Marek Mikuš started his position as head of an Emmy Noether Research Group at the MPI for Social Anthropology. The project, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), is titled “Peripheral Debt: Money, Risk and ...

From boom to bust to...? Household indebtedness in Croatia, ca. 1999–2019

1. November 2019

On Friday 22 November 2019 at 16:30, Marek Mikuš will give a talk entitled “From boom to bust to...? Household indebtedness in Croatia, ca. 1999–2019” at the workshop on “Household debt on the peripheries of Europe: new constellations since 2008” in ...

Peripheral Debt: money, risk and politics in Eastern Europe

31. Oktober 2019

This talk introduces Peripheral Debt: Money, Risk and Politics in Eastern Europe, a recently launched DFG Emmy Noether research group project that will conduct a comparative ethnographic study of household debt in the context of peripheral ...


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