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On Tuesday 23 January 2024, Peripheral Debt team members Balázs Gosztonyi, Mathias Krabbe and Marek Mikuš will present their work-in-progress in a session of the Tuesday Talk series of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. The group ...

A new interdisciplinary state-of-the-art and theory article on the financialization of households co-authored by Marek Mikuš, sociologist Alicja Bobek (Technological University Dublin) and economic geographer Martin Sokol (Trinity College Dublin) was ...

Peripheral Debt warmly invites everybody interested in anthropological research on household debt to attend a hybrid seminar by our two Visiting Scholars Jitka Králová and Judit Durst on 13 June 2023.

On 2 February 2023, 13:00 - 14:30 CET , join the online launch of a new special issue of Critique of Anthropology - ‘Engineering the Middle Classes: State Institutions and the Aspirations of Citizenship’ – guest edited by Maxim Bolt (Oxford ...

New open-access publication

23. November 2022

Marek Mikuš's article 'New' but 'Squeezed': Middle Class and Mortgaged Homeownership in Croatia was just published as part of the special issue of Critique of Anthropology 'Engineering the Middle Classes: State Institutions and the Aspirations of ...

Book Launch

24. Oktober 2022

Ethnographies of Deservingness: Unpacking Ideologies of Deservingness

New book chapter

31. August 2022

Marek Mikuš's chapter entitled "Victims, patriots and middle class: the (un)deservingness of debtors in post-credit boom Croatia" was just published as part of the collection Ethnographies of deservingness: unpacking ideologies of distribution and ...

New Publication

8. Juli 2022

Marek Mikuš has co-edited and co-authored the introduction (with Agnes Gagyi) for the new special issue of Critical Housing Analysis.

We're inviting paper abstracts for the special session "Infrastructures of finance and finance as infrastructure in Eastern Europe" at the 2022 Regional Studies Association Central and Eastern Europe Conference, which will take place in Leipzig on ...

On 30 September 2021, Marek Mikuš delivered a presentation entitled "The flip side of debt: mortgaged housing as assets in Zagreb" in the panel "Economy as Atmosphere", which was part of the DGSKA 2021 conference.

Online Talk by Agnes Gagyi during her research visit at the MPI for Social Anthropology

SIEF2021 Congress

23. Juni 2021

On 23 June 2021, Marek Mikuš presented a paper entitled 'Middle class on credit: class formation, housing policy and financialization in Croatia' in the panel 'Between governance and resistance: coping with financial precarity and ...

New Publication

15. Juni 2021

A collection of chapters co-edited by Marek Mikuš and Petra Rodik, has been published in Routledge's RIPE Series in Global Political Economy.

On Friday 21 May, 12-14 pm CET, Marek Mikuš has participated in the panel 'Economic Growth and Debt in Central and Eastern Europe". The panel was part of the online conference "Thirty Years of Capitalist Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe ...

On 15 April 2021, Marek Mikuš participated in an online event entitled "Funding Free Debt Advice in South Africa: Learning from 3 Countries" organized by the South African human rights organization Black Sash. The event was focused a presentation and ...

New Publication

25. März 2021

The Oxford Research of Encyclopedia has published Marek Mikuš's  article on the anthropology of financialization in Eastern Europe. The article is fully open access.


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