Peripheral Debt in a new special issue on Swiss franc mortgages in Eastern Europe

December 07, 2023

Peripheral Debt team members wrote or co-authored three of out five articles comprising the Special Feature “Boom, crisis and politics of Swiss franc mortgages in Eastern Europe: Comparing trajectories of dependent financialization of housing” recently published in the journal City. This is the so far most comprehensive and in-depth collection of case studies and comparative analysis of Eastern European countries most heavily affected by high-risk Swiss franc housing lending, namely Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Serbia, tracing these processes from the credit booms to the loan crises and their protracted management and resolution, and connecting their multiple crucial dimensions – political economy and bank strategies, impact on debtors, debtors’ movements and contestation, and government policies and party politics. Marek Mikuš co-edited the Special Feature and co-authored the introduction together with Ágnes Gagyi and he also teamed up with Petra Rodik to write the Croatian case study. Mathias Krabbe contributed the Polish case study.


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