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Research Interests

Transnational networks, Migrant integration, Social capital, Intersectionality, Gender relations


Kezia Aryeetey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and French and an MPhil in Migration studies from the University of Ghana. Her MPhil thesis explored the transnational activities and integration processes of West African Francophone migrants living in Accra, Ghana.

As a PhD candidate with the Otto Hahn Group on ‘Gender, Migration and Social Mobility’, Kezia Aryeetey’s research will focus on the role identity plays in the social mobility of Ghanaian women living in Germany and the Netherlands. Specifically, she intends to look at how the various aspects of a Ghanaian woman’s identity overlap and intersect to empower or hinder their social and economic integration into European society. She will also explore how the transnational networks  Ghanaian women belong to and activities they engage in influence their ability to become upwardly mobile.

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