C.V. | Current Project

Research Areas
Western Sahara/ Algeria; Region: Sahrawi refugee camps Tindouf    
Research Interests
Waterscapes, sand, activism, materiality, environmentalis


I joined the Emmy Noether research group “Sand - The Future of Coastal Cities in the Indian Ocean” at the Max-Planck-Institute in Halle in March 2022. As a member of this group, I am conducting literature research on the topic of sand and catalogue other relevant information – from reports on illegal sand mining and local resistance to the importance of specific types of sand and their different habitats. Sand is fascinating to me because it can tell us stories about life under climate change and capitalism from an unusual and enriching perspective.

I’m interested in activist and collaborative anthropology, in particular the struggle and empowerment of women and queer people. Taking a decolonial stance, I am interested in refugee anthropology, local struggles for autonomy, and intersections of activist and anthropological work.


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