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Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Foblets, Marie-Claire, Katayoun Alidadi, Jonathan Bernaerts, Petra Burai, Kalindi Kokal, Mareike Riedel, and Elizabeth Steyn. 2016. Which law for which religion?: ethnographic enquiries into the limits of state law vis-à-vis lived religion. Rechtsphilosophie 3: 237–282. Accessed 2016.
Journal Article
Kokal, Kalindi. 2014. To lead or to follow. Economic and Political Weekly 49(50): 19. Accessed 2014.
Journal Article
Krishnan , Jayanth K. , Shirish N. Kavadi , Azima Girach , Dhanaji Khupkar , Kalindi Kokal, Satyajeet Mazumdar , Nupur , Gayatri Panday , Aatreyee Sen, Aqseer Sodhi , and Bharati Takale Shukla . 2014. Grappling at the grassroots: access to justice in India’s Lower Tier. Harvard Human Rights Journal 27(1): 151–189. Accessed 2014.
Journal Article
Kokal, Kalindi. 2013. Hope for justice: importance of informal justice systems. Economic and Political Weekly 48(45-46): 22. Accessed 2013.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Kokal, Kalindi. 2016. Decoding diversity: experiences with personal law in the lower courts of Maharashtra. In: Kyriaki Topidi and Lauren Fielder (eds.). Religion as empowerment: global legal perspectives. ICLARS Series on Law and Religion. London; New York: Routledge, pp. 78–105.

Book Review (3)

Book Review
Kokal, Kalindi. 2016. Pashington Obeng, Rural women’s power in South Asia: understanding Shakti. South Asia Research 36(2): 286–288. Accessed 2016.
Book Review
Kokal, Kalindi. 2015. Gopika Solanki, Adjudication in Religious Family Laws: Cultural Accommodation, Legal Pluralism and Gender Equality in India. South Asia Research 35(2): 266–269. Accessed 2015.
Book Review
Kokal, Kalindi. 2015. Yuksel Sezgin, Human Rights under State-Enforced Religious Family Laws in Israel, Egypt and India. South Asia Research 35(1): 134–136. Accessed 2015.

Monograph (1)

Kokal, Kalindi. 2020. State law, dispute processing, and legal pluralism: unspoken dialogues from rural India. Law and Anthropology. London; New York: Routledge.
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