Members of the Department

1. Muscular India: Masculinity, Mobility and the New Middle Class 
2. CrAItivity: Towards an Anthropology of Artificial Intelligence
Healing Self and Society: Alternative Political Vision and Conspiracy in the Czech Republic more
Making Time for Blood: Patient Communities and Infrastructure in the Care of Thalassemia in India more
One drop at a time: Infrastructural entanglements in the rural waterscape of the Republic of Moldova more
China’s “Smart” Urban Future: Utopia or Dystopia? more
Infrastructures of Expulsion: Migrant Policing and Deportation in Urban India more
Intimate Activism: An Ethnography of Ethical Striving on a Wounded Planet more
Composite economies: Extractive relations & moral agency in Sierra Leone’s eastern frontier more
Current Research more
A Multispecies Ethnography of Rewilding Practices in Europe more
Mental Health in Your Pocket – Digitization and the Reconfiguration of Mental Health in India more
Documenting the Undocumented:  Experimenting Europe at the Biometric Migrant Archive more
Senior Scientific Editor more
Constellations 4 Astronomy in Madagascar more
Toxicities, Illegalities and Protest: A Landscape of Coal in South India more
Digitization and the Indian Bureaucracy  more
Enacting Secular Utopia via Hidden Transcripts: Bengali Cultural Activism, Communism, and Contentious Aspirations for a “Secular” Society more
Affective Enclosures: Administration and Alienation in America’s Next Great City more
Eyes Wide Shut – Experiences and Evaluations of Sleep and Sleeplessness more
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