Inviting paper proposals for our December conference

May 22, 2024

Emmy Noether Research Group “Peripheral Debt: Money, Risk and Politics in Eastern Europe” is inviting paper proposals for the conference “Household Finance in an Unequal World: Social Approaches” to be held on 5–6 December 2024 at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle, Germany. We invite contributions studying household finance from all disciplines and perspectives that engage with its fundamentally social nature and study empirically the social practices, relations, institutions and meanings implicated in individuals’ and households’ use of financial products, services and instruments for both credit and investment purposes in all geographic and social settings. We are particularly interested in contributions that thematize the household as the object of analysis and/or pay attention to the geographically unequal and uneven patterns of household finance. The conference is aimed also at producing a subsequent joint publication with interested participants. The deadline for proposal submission is 14 July 2024. Please see the call for proposals for details and direct any outstanding questions to Marek Mikuš or the e-mail address for submissions.

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