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Lands of the Future Research Inititative
The Lands of the Future Initiative – open to scholars and practitioners from all disciplines – aims to raise levels of pertinent knowledge about pastoralism and agro-pastoralism within changing economies and contends that pastoralists are central actors in development processes. more
Luak Nhialic - "Der Kuhstall Gottes" (Cow barn of God")
The material to being worked on is part of the legacy of Irene Leverenz. These audio recordings and note books serve the conservation of a unique and peaceful ritual of the Agar-Dinka in the early eighties in South Sudan. 
The documentation and preservation of this ritual not only as a book enables the Agar-Dinka to have access to the original wordings of this peaceful ritual more
Glynn Flood's Ethnographic Estate
This yearlong journey by Jean Lydall, Michèle Flood and Maknun Ashami to rediscover Glynn Flood’s estate finally resulted in the publication of the booklet with the support of Günther Schlee, Director of the Department of ‘Integration and Conflict’. more

Researchers in the area North and East Africa

Zahir Musa Abdal-Kareem - REMEP (Sudan) | Fekadu Adugna (Ethiopia) | Ogato Ambaye - MaxNetAging (Ethiopia) | Lucie Buffavand (Ethiopia) | Sandra Calkins (Sudan) | Solange Guo Chatelard (Zambia) | Alemayehu Debelo Jorgo - MaxNetAging (Ethiopia) | Immo Eulenberger - REMEP (Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda) | Christina Gabbert (Ethiopia) | Siri Lamoureaux (Sudan, South Kordofan) | Harald Müller-Dempf (East Africa, southeastern Sudan) | Ameyu Godesso Roro (Ethiopia) | Tabea Scharrer (Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia) | Günther Schlee (Blue Nile Region [Sudan], Southern Ethiopia, Kenya) | Timm Sureau (Upper Nile and Khartoum [Sudan]) | Kaleb Kassa Tadele (Ethiopia) | Mossa Hamid Wassie (Ethiopia)

Former Research in the area North and East Africa (1999-2012)

Getinet Assefa (Central Ethiopia, Southern Ethiopia) | Jutta Bakonyi (Somalia, Bay Region and Bakool Region) | Andrea Behrends (Darfur Region, Sudan) | Dejene Gemechu (Ethiopia) | Luca Ciabarri (Somaliland and Somalia) | Data Dea (Southern Ethiopia) | Christiane Falge (Gambela Region[Ethiopia]) | Dereje Feyissa (Gambela Region[Ethiopia]) | Felix Girke (Ethiopia) | Georg Haneke (Kenya, Southern Ethiopia) | Markus V. Höhne (Somali- and Puntland) | Shauna LaTosky (Ethiopia) | Hussein A. Mahmoud (Kenya) | Bettina Mann (Cairo) | Andrea Nicolas - MaxNetAging (Oromo, Amhara[Ethiopia]) | Sven Nicolas (Southern Ethiopia) | Regine Penitsch (Sudan, Darfur) | Adano Wario Roba (Northern Kenya, Southern Ethiopia, border lands, East Africa, Horn of Africa) | Karen Witsenburg (East Africa) | Wolde Gossa Tadesse (Southern Ethiopia)

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