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Zahir Musa Abdal-Kareem (Germany) | John Eidson (Germany and Central Europe) | Barbara Pieta - MaxNetAging (Italy) | Nina Glick Schiller (Berlin, Halle, Leipzig) | Han F. Vermeulen (Germany) | Tabea Scharrer (Germany) | Günther Schlee (The Netherlands, Northern Germany, England)

Former Researchers (1999-2013)

Rozita Dimova (Berlin, Macedonia) | Jolanda Lindenberg (Belgium) | Boris Nieswand (Germany) | Judith Reissner (Germany) | Olaf Zenker (West-Belfast)

Book publications by members and guests of Department 'Integration and Conflict on the Research Area


Before Boas. The Genesis of Ethnography and Ethnology in the German Enlightenment Author: Han Vermeulen
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln/London  

Ethno-baroque: materiality, aesthetics, and conflict in modern-day Macedonia

Author: Rozita Dimova
Publisher: Berghahn Books: New York, Oxford
Locating Migration. Rescaling cities and migrants
Editors: Nina Glick Schiller und Ayşe Çağlar
Publisher: Cornell University Press: Ithaca
Theorising Transnational Migration. The status paradox of migration
Author: Boris Nieswand
Publisher: New York, London: Routledge
Beyond Writing Culture: current intersections of epistemologies and representational practices
Author: Olaf Zenker, Karsten Kumoll (eds.)
Publisher: New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books
Das anthropologische Projekt. Perspektiven aus der Forschungslandschaft Halle/Leipzig
Author: John Eidson (Hg.)
Publisher: Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag

Working Papers

Han F. Vermeulen (2011)
Linguistik und Völkerkunde – der Beitrag der historisch-vergleichenden Linguistik von G.W. Leibniz zur Entstehung der Völkerkunde im 18. Jahrhundert

Brian Donahoe, John Eidson, Dereje Feyissa, Veronika Fuest, Markus V. Hoehne, Boris Nieswand, Günther Schlee, Olaf Zenker (2009)
The Formation and Mobilization of Collective Identities in Situations of Conflict and Integration

Olaf Zenker (2009)
Between the Lines of Socio-Cultures of Trauma: Republicanism, dissenters and the politics of meta-trauma in the Northern Irish conflict

Rozita Dimova (2007)
From Past Necessity to Contemporary Friction: migration, class and ethnicity in Macedonia

Rozita Dimova (2006)
From Protection to Ordeal: Duldung status and Bosnians in Berlin

John Eidson (2003)
Compulsion, Compliance, or Eigensinn? : Examining Theories of Power in an East German Field Site

John Eidson (2001)
Collectivization, Privatization, Dispossession: Changing Property Relations in an East German Village, 1945-2000

Workshops held

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