Individual Projects


Marie-Claire Foblets
I.   The Moroccan Family Code - An Analysis of the Application of the Provisions of the Code that Relate in Particular to
     Transnational Family Situations and/or Moroccan Nationals Residing Abroad
II.  Externally Funded Projects

Research Fellows

Katia Bianchini
Maritime Migration Flows and Challenges for Refugee Protection

Jessika Eichler
Indigenous Peoples‘ Rights in a New Key: Local Perspectives on Global Norms in Bolivia’s Extractive Sectors

Hatem Elliesie
I.  Scharia in genuin europäischen Settings: Konnex muslimischer Lebenspraxis zu islamischer Normativität
II. Conflict Regulation in Germany's Plural Society

Luc Leboeuf
Vulnerabilities Under the Global Protection Regime

Alice Margaria
Invisible Richness: Culturally and Religiously Diverse Families before the European Court of Human Rights

Mariana Monteiro de Matos
Religious and cultural diversity before European courts: Procedural aspects regarding the access to justice by members of vulnerable groups in Portugal

Sophie Nakueira
Vulnerabilities Under the Global Protection Regime

Luisa Piart
Labour Governance in the Shipping Industry: An Anthropological Study of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

Farrah Raza
Minerva Research Group: The Ethics of Exchange: the Regulation of Organ Donation and Transplantation

Federica Sona
I.   Childlessness, medically assisted procreation and Islām
II.  European Muslim spouses tying and untying the knot

Sajjad Safaei

Timm Sureau
I.   An Ethnography of Programming: Migration management and the digitalization of legal-bureaucratic processes in Germany
II.  Technicisation of Migration in the context of South Sudanese in Sudan

Bertram Turner
I.   Legal Pluralism in the Management of Natural Resources: The Case of the Moroccan Argan Forest
II.  Dealing with Transgression, Security, Conflict, and Ordering
III. Mobility, Migration and Mutual Processes of Translation
IV. Normative and Religious Diversity in Moroccan Islam

Larissa Vetters
I.   Sentiments of Bureaucracies: Affective Dynamics in the Digital Transformation of German Immigration Management
II.  Migration and the Transformation of German Administrative Law: An Ethnographic Study of State-Migrant Interactions in Administrative Courts
III. The Organization of Solidarity. Investigating External State Building in Postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Disciplinary Lenses of Administrative Sciences and Sociocultural Anthropology (PhD)


Ph.D Candidates

Beate Anam
Daily practical life and Islamic normativity in the context of gender ǧihād

Pierre Druart
The Intergenerational Memory of Mass Atrocities: The Missing Piece of Transitional Justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Harika Dauth
Testimonies of the 'Citizen's Other': Analysing the Migration of Roma in Europe through the Prism of Multiple Legalities

Kadir Eryilmaz
Perceptions of Justice and Identity among the Suryoyo (Assyrian/Aramean) Community

Kutaiba Kaidouha
Family Conflicts within Syrian Families in Germany

Laura Lambert
(Re)Doing Asylum in Externalization Policies: The Case of Niger

Margarita Lipatova
Bordering Europe: Resistance and Governance in Greek Refugee Camps

Annette Mehlhorn
Indigenous Justice in Bolivia

Stefan Millar
State Transformations in the Context of Migration

Frederike Silvana Nun
Legal Dimensions of Social and Cultural Pluralism in Romania – working title

Abdelghafar Salim
Lebensweltliche Alltagspragmatik von Muslimen und islamische Normativität im Kontext aktueller Migrantenmilieu

Markus Vollert
“God Cannot Live Here”: Legal Conflicts Concerning the Twelve Tribes in Germany


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