Asian Ethnicity. Special Issue: Law and religio-ethnic identity in post-New Order Indonesia

Martin Ramstedt, Fadjar Ibnu Thufail (Guest Editors)

Abingdon: Routledge

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Processes of disembedding and displacement: anomie and the juridification of religio-ethnic identity in post-New Order Bali Martin Ramstedt (pages 323-339)

Identity in dispute: law, religion, and identity in Minangkabau Franz von Benda-Beckmann & Keebet von Benda-Beckmann (pages 341-358)

When peace prevails on Kasih Hill: the Protestant church and the politics of adat in Minahasa Fadjar I. Thufail (pages 359-371)

Contesting the post-colonial legal construction of Chinese Indonesians as ‘foreign subjects’ Thung Ju Lan (pages 373-387)

The legal and cultural status of Chinese temples in contemporary Java Tsuda Koji (pages 389-398)

The problems of owning culture: global intellectual property law and ‘traditional’ community arts in Indonesia Lorraine V. Aragon (pages 399-417)

General articles
Ethnic politics and local political parties in Indonesia Ben Hillman (pages 419-440)

Maintenance and propagation of Chinese culture in a Malay state: the roles of the Chinese associations in Kuala Terengganu Tan Yao Sua, Thock Ker Pong, Kamarudin Ngah & Goh Soo Khoon (pages 441-467)

Linsanity and the shaking of interethnic boundary Guo-Ming Chen (pages 469-471)

Book reviews
Managing ethnic diversity: meanings and practices from an international perspective Alanna Kamp (pages 473-476)

Political authority in Burma's ethnic minority states Min Ye Paing Hein (pages 476-479)

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