Abteilung ‚Recht & Ethnologie’

Abteilung ‚Resilienz und Transformation in Eurasien’

Abteilung ‚Integration und Konflikt’

Max Planck Research Group - How 'Terrorists' Learn

Max Planck Research Group - Alpine Geschichten

Max Planck Research Group - “AIming Toward the Future: Policing, Governance, and Artificial Intelligence”

Emmy Noether Group - The Bureaucratization of Islam

Max Planck Fellow Group "Connectivity in Motion: Port Cities of the Indian Ocean"

Max Planck Fellow Group - Umweltrechte im kulturellen Kontext

  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Hanschel (Max Planck Fellow)
  • Forschung & Programm


In addition, there are a number of third party funded projects [more]
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