Postsocialism: Ideas, ideologies and practices in Eurasia

edited by Chris Hann

London, New York, Routledge, 2002

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Postsocialism presents a range of anthropological analyses of the new social order. The view 'from below', obtained through intensive fieldwork, opens up new understanding of the postsocialist condition and the extent to which one dominant ideology has been replaced by another. The forcible imposition of socialist rule destroyed the integrity of many communities and individual lives; the impact of its demise has also been shattering for millions of citizen in postsocialist Eurasia. Beneath the changes, anthropological analysis brings out significant continuities, both in value and in actual behaviour. The term postsocialist will remain pertinent so long as the ideas, ideologies and practices of socialism are perceived to provide a meaningful (albeit increasingly mythical) reference point for understanding people's present condition.(from cover text)

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