Where the past meets the future. The politics of heritage in Xi’an

Leah Cheung Ah Li

Münster, Zürich: Lit-Verlag

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Xi'an, the former Chang'an – home to the terracotta army and capital to 13 dynasties of Chinese emperors - experienced World Heritage fame in 1987 when the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor was listed. In 2014, five more heritage sites in Xi'an were listed as part of the Silk Roads World Heritage nomination. The ancient capital represents glorious moments of Chinese history and local citizens are proud of Xi'an's archaeological and historical status. However, the modern cityscape is as much shaped by high rises as by historical buildings and heritage policies intersect with demands for urbanization, modernization, and economic growth. This book seeks to understand how modernity, history, and heritage are reconciled in this city where the past meets the future.

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