Working Papers

Ateker Generation-Set Systems Revisited - field facts and findings, and a systematisation
Harald Müller-Dempf (2017)

Hybrid Pastoralists – Development interventions and new Turkana identities
Harald Müller-Dempf (2014)

Lands of the Future: transforming pastoral lands and livelihoods in eastern Africa
Jon Abbink, Kelly Askew, Dereje Feyissa Dori, Elliot Fratkin, Echi Christina Gabbert, John Galaty, Shauna LaTosky, Jean Lydall, Hussein A. Mahmoud, John Markakis, Günther Schlee, Ivo Strecker, David Turton (2014)

Homeland, Boundary, Resource: the collision of place-making projects on the Lower Omo River, Ethiopia
Felix Girke (2013)

Ruling over Ethnic and Religious Differences: a comparative essay on empires
Günther Schlee (2013)

Limits to Political Engagement: the case of the Somali diaspora
Günther Schlee, Isir Schlee (2010)

Differentiating the Diaspora: reflections on diasporic engagement 'for peace' in the Horn of Africa
Markus Virgil Hoehne, Dereje Feyissa, Mahdi Abdile, Clara Schmitz-Pranghe (2010)

Territorialising Ethnicity: the political ecology of pastoralism in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia
Günther Schlee (2010)

Breaking Barriers: the construction of a new Burji identity through livestock trade in northern Kenya
Hussein A. Mahmoud (2009)

Resourcing State Borders and Borderlands in the Horn of Africa
Dereje Feyissa and Markus V. Hoehne (2008)

The Ngibokoi Dilemma: generation-sets and social system engineering in times of stress – an example from the Toposa of Southern Sudan
Harald Müller-Dempf (2008)

Ethnopolitics and Gabra Origins
Günther Schlee (2008)

Traditional Authorities in Northern Somalia: Transformation of positions and powers
Markus V. Höhne (2006)

Christianity and Spirit Mediums: experiencing post-socialist religious freedom in southern Ethiopia
Data Dea (2005)
Competition and Exclusion in Islamic and Non-Islamic Societies: an essay on purity and power
Günther Schlee (2003)
Taking Sides and Constructing Identities: Reflections on Conflict Theory
Günther Schlee (2002)

Regularity in Chaos: the politics of difference in the recent history of Somalia
Günther Schlee (2001)

Property and Age Organisation among an East African Pastoralist Group
Wolde Gossa Tadesse (2000)

Die Soziale Konstruktion von Feindschaft
Günther Schlee (2000)

Collective identities, property relations, and legal pluralism
Günther Schlee (2000)

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