Günther Schlee
Günther Schlee
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Patrick Heady
Patrick Heady
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KASS Homepage
Kinship and Social Security in Europe

Details of the original KNQ software system used for the KASS Project and of associated analysis software are available from the GESIS data archive at – from which the original software systems can be downloaded.

Kinship Universals and Variation (KUV)

Kinship Universals and Variation (KUV)


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Forscherinnen und Forscher
Patrick Heady (Coordinator) | Günther Schlee | Alexander Pashos | Martine Guichard | Aksana Ismailbekova | Christoph Korb

Louise Bechtold | Verena La Mela | Zarina Mukanova | Barbara Pieta

KNQ2 Programmierteam mit Sitz an der chinesischen Akademie für Sozialwissenschaften, Peking
Kong Jing (leader) | Zhao Fangfang | Ma Shuang | Zhou Jianguo

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