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Autor: Harald Müller-Dempf
Spieldauer: 47 + 45 + 50 Minuten mehr
Autor: Harald Müller-Dempf
Spieldauer: 45 + 39 + 39 Minuten
Autor: Harald Müller-Dempf
Spieldauer: 30 + 28 Minuten mehr
Scenes from the Life of a Vietnamese Street Vendor
Autor: Lisa Barthelmes
Länge: 19 Minuten
Caring for the Beyond. Two Lao Buddhist Festivals for the Deceased
In Lao Buddhism the relationship between the living and the dead is expressed and perpetuated in rituals. The 'Festival of rice packets covering the earth' and the 'Festival of rice drawn by lots' are part of the annual ritual cycle of Lao Buddhists and are performed in the 9th lunar month at new moon and full moon respectively.

Author: Patrice Ladwig & Gregory Kourilsky
Length: 35 minutes
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