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Current Research Projects

Christiane Adamczyk (Ph.D Candidate)

Genealogical Relations and Kinship Practice in a Village in Kyrgyzstan
Louise Bechthold (Research Fellow) 
Kinship and Genealogical Relations: Practices of Name Avoidance, and Networks of Feasting and Gift Exchange in Rural Southern Kyrgyzstan (Kinship Universals and Variation) more

Sandra Calkins (Research Partner)

Brian Campbell (Research Fellow) 

Solange Guo Chatelard (Ph.D Candidate)

Christina Gabbert (Research Partner) 
Lands of the Future Research Initiative more

Markus V. Hoehne (Research Fellow) 
Research Initiative on Migration

Remadji Hoinathy (Research Partner, C.R.A.S.H.
Oil Exploitation and its Impact on Logone Oriental Communities' Modes and Conditions of Living

Eliza Isabaeva (Ph.D Candidate, Halle-Zurich Centre for Anthropological Studies on Central Asia - CASCA
Migration into ‘Illegality’ and the Making of the State in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan: The Case of a Squatter Settlement in Bishkek more

David O´Kane (Senior Research Fellow) 

Jonas Klee (Ph.D Candidate) 

Jacqueline Knörr (Head of Research Group) 

Hassan Hussein Kochore (Ph.D Candidate, MaxNetAging)

Shauna LaTosky (Associate)

Munkh-Erdene Lkhamsuren (Associate, Georg Forster Research Fellowship) 
Making Mongolia Multi-Ethnic: Knowledge, Power and Identity more

Mossa Hamid Wassie (Ph.D Candidate IMPRS REMEP
Conflict Dynamics in a Three-Level Game: Conflict Formation in Gambella, Southwest Ethiopia more

Harald Müller-Dempf (Associate)

Sophie Nakueira (Research Fellow)

Cross-Cultural Research on Asymmetric Kin Invenstment
Alexander Pashos (Senior Research Fellow) 
Kinship Universals and Variation - Brief Project Description more

Andrea Riester (Associate)

Stephen Reyna (Research Partner) 

Merle Schatz (Associate)

Jessica Steinecke (Ph.D Candidate)

Christian Straube (Ph.D Candidate) 
Mining with Chinese Characteristics? Sino-Zambian encounters on the African Copperbelt

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(Update: January, 2019)

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