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Kollektive Projekte

Die Herausforderungen von Migration, Integration und Exklusion
Wissenschaftsinitiative Migration der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft mehr

Individuelle Projekte

Marie-Claire Foblets
The Moroccan Family Code - An Analysis of the Application of the Provisions of the Code that Relate in Particular to
Transnational Family Situations and/or Moroccan Nationals Residing Abroad

Sophie Andreetta
The judicialization of human dignity. Irregular migrants, welfare bureaucracies and the courts in French-speaking Belgium

Jonathan Bernaerts
Language Rights, Policies and Practices in Linguistically Diverse Societies: are current legal orders addressing the needs and concerns of persons belonging to language minorities as well as those of the administration?

Jessika Eichler
Indigenous Peoples‘ Rights in a New Key: Local Perspectives on Global Norms in Bolivia’s Extractive Sectors

Kutaiba Kaidouha
Family Conflicts within Syrian Families in Germany

Sirin Knecht
Advocating human rights under conditions of religious legal pluralism: the example of NGOs in Beirut, Lebanon

Laura Lambert
(Re)Doing Asylum in Externalization Policies: The Case of Niger

Luc Leboeuf
Vulnerabilities Under the Global Protection Regime -Schutzbedürftigkeit im Rahmen des globalen Schutzregimes. Wie bewerten, adressieren, formen und produzieren Gesetze die Schutzbedürftigkeit von Schutzsuchenden?

Annette Mehlhorn
Indigenous Justice in Bolivia

Stefan Millar
State Transformations in the Context of Migration

Sophie Nakueira
Vulnerabilities Under the Global Protection Regime

Sajjad Safaei

Katrin Seidel
South Sudan’s Constitutional Genesis in the Context of Legal Pluralism

Luisa Schneider
Living Intimacy without Privacy: The Unhoused between Law, Society and State

Timm Sureau
I.   Eine Ethnographie der Programmierung: Migrationsverwaltung und die Digitalisierung der legal-bürokratischen Prozesse in Deutschland
II.  Technicisation of Migration in the context of South Sudanese in Sudan

Bertram Turner
I.   Arganosphere: Ethnographies of Socio-techno-legal Assemblages in the Moroccan Souss
II.  Human Security, Conflict, and Ordering
III. Property Relations, Relational Property, Mobility, and Migration
IV. Normative and Religious Pluralism in Moroccan Islam

Markus Vollert
“God Cannot Live Here”: Legal Conflicts Concerning the Twelve Tribes in Germany

Zeynep Yanasmayan-Wegele
The Challenges of Migration, Integration and Exclusion

Drittmittelfinanzierte Projekte

Sentiments of Bureaucracies: Affektive Folgen der digitalen Transformation in der deutschen Migrationsverwaltung mehr

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